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About us

Handcrafters and Small Family Company

Flaxbox owners

The FlaxBox store is a small handcrafters’ company located in the northern part of Europe in Latvia.

FlaxBox’s story began some years ago before we, two sisters Ilze and Marta, decided that we want to have a joint project to spend more time together and create something ourselves that we would be proud of.

Why Linen?

As little girls, our granny instilled a love in us for handicrafts and details early on. From the first time we touched the linen fabric we use for our products, we fell in love with it and hope you will too! We love the softened linen and its brilliant character. It is warm in winter and cold in summer.

The linen we use is grown in our region, and the linen fabric is woven by a local linen mill. We profoundly believe in sustainability and wholeheartedly support it. We also strive to be environmentally conscious and ethical using only Oeko Tex certificated fabric.

Products and Production

Our basic wish is to create out of a simple linen fabric an item that is practical, healthy, and beautiful—all at the same time.

We make all products by hand ourselves at our home studio. We are happy to share our handmade and homemade products with our customers. Thank you for supporting this small family business!