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Hello our dear FlaxBox store visitor and thank you for checking our blog!

Well yes, this is our blog and we are going to share here info about our shop and products, making process and news. Maybe also about our lesson learns and tips which might help you to make your decisions during your ordering process.

But at first we would love to express how much happy we are to offer to you this online store. Finally you can see and order our handmade home linens and clothing directly from our own platform!

In our store you will find products of softened 100% linen at the highest quality in handmade. All products are made at our home studio by us two sisters Ilze and Marta in Latvia.

We are open for custom sizes and dimensions as well as your designs ideas since all items we made to order extra for every buyer. Just contact us, we love to receive messages and replay within 24 hours!

Best wishes,

-Ilze & Marta-


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